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CLOSED! Garmin eTrex Vista mapping GPS Price Reduced!

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OK, here's the fancy one. The Vista was the most full-featured eTrex GPS unit Garmin used to make.

High resolution B&W LCD screen, mapping, fluxgate electronic compass, barometer/altimeter, WAAS-corrected position to 3 meters, etc.

Here's the skinny from the Garmin website:


This unit was my personal GPS that I bought for deployment to OIF. I used this unit to navigate my team all over Kuwait and Iraq. Plugged it into a Toughbook laptop running FalconView, displaying our position in real time on CIB 1 meter sat photos, and was able to navigate around bomb craters on the runway at Jalibah SE airbase in zero visibility sandstorms at night. GI8

I babied this unit and it shows very minor wear. A few light scratches to the screen, overall excellent condition.

Included: neck strap/lanyard, data/power cable for RS-232/serial port data and 12V cigarette lighter power, original owner's manual. This unit has 24MB of memory for map storage and before shipping I will upload a full load of Garmin MapSource road maps for your chosen region. Also will have the standard Garmin marine POI database loaded. This unit also fully supports Points of Interest (POI) searching, and can locate everything in the Garmin map database such as restaurants, gas stations, motels, street adresses, etc.

Last MSRP on these was $199.99. Let's start the bidding on this one at $65.00. The auction will last one week, ending on the night of Monday 22 November. All proceeds go to support the forum, so let's get at it! And just in time for Christmas too. MCORPS1

EDIT: As another benefit to the forum, price INCLUDES USPS shipping! Come on, donate a few bucks to the forum and get a free GPS out of it. MCORPS1

EDIT: OK, opening bid has been reduced to $45 including shipping.
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