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I posted this in the other Citadel thread about the return to factory, so I thought it was only fair to highlight the results as well.


Well, got her back from the factory a few days ago, took her out back in the pasture and put about 200 rounds of hardball downrange.

I would daresay this pistol holds up to my Kimber, which I also took out back with me. I normally carry a Kimber Pro TLE II, and shes a tack driver, smooth and reliable- and so is the citidel. At 25 meters I was keeping all my rounds in a 5 inch circle i drew on a peice of paper.

Fit is wonderful, very smooth, no rattle. Excellent lock-up and unlocking as well.

Accuracy, again- very acceptable and much of the time I was punching ragged holes.

Trigger pull- quite acceptable, not as smooth or crisp as the kimber, but more than adiquate at 4 lbs.

Reliabilty- 100% reliable, zero FTF or FTE (w/FMJ and JHP havent tried SWC yet)

This model has the front slide serrations, back strap checkering and novak style sights along with polished throat and feedramp. Im no stranger to 1911's and although this is by no means a Wilson Combat pistol, it is by far more value for the dollar Ive seen yet.

Sadly, my hammer follow issue was not fixed upon its return. Strange though, it did not happen once while I was firing (if it did, the weapon would be at half **** and the trigger would not move)

Id say the only real improvements Im going to do to this weapon are A: do a custom job on the sear, etc, and B: eventually put some tritium on her. Other than that, Im completly satisfied. Excellent pistol.

Oh yeah, and Armscor DOES make these pistols, thats who I sent it back to in Pahrump, Nevada to have it worked on. I also work part time at a gunshop and have looked for the hammer follow issue on a number of Citidel/RAI pistols and none of the others showed this deficiency.

PS- Did another range session today, another 200 rounds of some dirty nasty steel cased ammo- still runs like a top! No issues, 100% reliablity, and strangely enough, the russian hardball shoots about the same.

-DS K.
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