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Cheek Rest Suggestions?

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Hey guys, I have realized I need a cheek riser/rest for my M1A standard. I do not want to drill into or damage the walnut and I have a leather Garand sling for it as well. So I'm thinking a solid leather cheek rest would be ideal but if you guys know of a really good nylon cheek rest please include those
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Art, do you have a sadlak mount on your rifle? Also are those medium or high scope rings? I need to clear a 40-44mm scope but keep it as low as possible
I haven't used a Sadlak mount in years on any of my rifles. I did have a gentleman here yesterday and was attempting to help him mount an ARMs #18 on one of the Newer Smith receivers. There was no way the mount would fit. The channel for the raised part of the receiver was way to narrow to fit. I had an older Sadlak steel mount here which we tried and it fit like a glove.I think he is going to get a Sadlak now.
The rifle in the photo is a James River Armory M21 DMR so the rail is fitted as part of the top of the receiver. Rings are Leupold MK4 med height and they give me more room than I need for the 50mm objective.
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