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sixty/hawk/ everyone:
i finally hit that brick wall the doc told me about, and she was not kidding it happened last friday afternoon i went for a blood workup as per her request and went home feeling like i got hit by a deuce and a half.

every muscle, joint, bone, headache eyes tearing was there for me to pick and choose for me to make me as miserable as i could possibly be. mood sucked big time depressed even was snapping at guys at work and the misses and daughter and dog it was not me.
i called the doc and she said yup you just hit that friggin wall big guy.
time to put your ass on the meds. she called in my presciption right after i got off the phone with her and they had it waiting for me an hour later at the local pharmacy.
she put me on some synthetic stuff called synthyroid.
well 2 days later i actually felt better no more eyes tearing no more joint aches no more feeling like crap. now she says we have to check the blood tests to find the correct doses oh well.
i actually got a real nights sleep for the first time since i can recall.
this is my first attempt at back on the net. so i am going slow at it. thanks for caring about my ugly old ass you guys are aces. jeff
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