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While my M21 didn't like the Aust. Outback 168gr SMK ammo...( it shot the 165gr SGK much better )

Those with 308 bolt guns might try it ..

Global Ordnance has a variety of Aust. Outback 308 on sale for a "Buy one get one free"

Be advised... it is most likely loaded with Varget, I consider that to be not really appropriate for a M1A action.

ADI ( Aust. Outback is the commercial brand name ) produces Varget.

Any way... $25 bucks for 40rds of 168gr SMK is pretty good ( plus shipping )

4 kinds of .308 available... 168gr SMK, 165gr SGK, 7.62 mm F4 Ball, and .308 WIN — 150gr Swift Scirocco II BTS Super Match.


Note: they all so have .223 55gr Blitz King , and 69gr SMK Aust. Outback on BOGO sale as well.

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