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Got my Chrono on Friday and went to the range today to test some CFE pistol
--230 gr HAP-- Fed Match primers--COAL 1.23--SAI 5" 1911 "loaded"
I have listed Hodgons data below
Didn't quite figure out the chrony so I only got 3 shots (low V anyway)
790.3,803.7, and 752
1: 837.8
2: 820.7
3: 843
4: 814.4
5: 848.1
1: 867
2: 845.6
3: 887.5
4: 841
5: 872.8
PowderCFE Pistol
Bullet Diameter.451"
Starting Load
Velocity (ft/s)815
Pressure16,000 PSI
Maximum Load
Velocity (ft/s)934
Pressure19,800 PSI
The powder seems to be much cleaner than The load I have with Universal (5.6gr) and the recoil was not bad. I will happily stock up on this powder and use it again.
It seemed like the faster load had tighter groups when I target tested it. and this is where I could use some advice. My velocities seem to match up reasonably well with load data---does that mean my pressures are in that region as well?, and is shooting around ~18-19000 psi safe for me and the pistol?
I was thinking about loading up at 6.4 maybe 6.5---I didn't see any pressure signs at 6.6 and while the RSD was a little higher the groups were noticebly tighter. So I will take any advice offered.

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I have always found that the .45ACP finds its best accuracy around 830fps, while you may load it harder that really works the action and you feel it more with the 230's.
I do like shooting in the 820ish region. what I might do is load some at 6.4 and some at 6.5, I doubt I'll see a difference but I like my guns and want to keep them for a long time. Hodgon loaded up to 6.8 so I don't think I have too much to worry about pressure wise
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