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cci primers

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I have had trouble finding cci#34 primers on the shelf trying to avoid hasmat fees any other primers work as well for m1a
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I have had trouble finding cci#34 primers on the shelf trying to avoid hasmat fees any other primers work as well for m1a

From what I noticed, a lot of reloading manuals use WLRs/WSRs in their testing data. To minimize the Hazmat fee I usually order a fair bit of powder and primers together in one package. That way it spreads the cost over the whole order. Places like Powder Valley will do this for you. dozier
Wolf LR. Cheap and work very well indeed.
Ive used WOLF and CCI with ZERO problems..
I've used the CCI 34's and regular CCI large rifle primers in my M1A and M1's without any problems.

I've been regular Federal and CCI small rifle primers in several AR15's without issues, too.

I bought some 34's, used some, have a few left to use to finish off the case but I probably won't order more.
My first 7.62mm reloads used WLP's, they work fine, but I have since switched to CCI Arsenal primers for both 5.56mm and .30cal (7.62mm and .30-06) The key is to seat the primers below the level of the case head slightly. Unless you have a very sloppy rifle, this should be adequate to eliminate the risk of a slam-fire.

I'm with dozier, I just wait until I can get a big order together and do it all for one HazMat fee, or I get them in bulk from the gun shows (and save the shipping and HazMat, but probably pay sales tax.)
If you don't need any other supplies, put an order together with your buddies and split the hazmat!
I use CCI BR2 and Wolf LR primers. Price is right on the wolf, and shoot a close second to the match primers.

Just a suggestion...

And I've yet to do this myself, but I always have the idea of gathering local shooters to do a bulk order once or twice a year to minimize the hazmat fee and get a better deal on reloading components.

I might start setting some dates for the locals. I just ran out of an 8lb jug of 4895 and am due for some more soon. I've got plenty of 1lb canisters to hold me off though. It's bullets that I'm running short on.

Thanks for the info very helpful as allways. I am looking forward to my first batch of 308.
I use Win, Fed, and CCI. Like a previous poster said, seat it below flush and you'll be fine.
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