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Over the years, I progressively needed glasses to read and drive. I had no problem with iron sights until I hit 65. I developed cataracts. Looking through iron sights was like looking through tree branches. I guess I was fortunate as my eye doctor is a shooter.
He recommended me to a cataract specialist in his office and I had new lenses installed in my eyes. The lenses are called Toric. I had both eyes done over a period of a month. They were expensive, $1200 per eye over the cost of my insurance.
My eyes are now 20/20. I need a 1.5 mag reading glass for reading. As I'm typing this, I'm approximately 18" from my laptop and I can see the printing perfectly. Shooting iron sights is now perfect. I've shot 1 inch groups with my Anschutz target rifles at 100 yards (over bags). I can also shoot great groups with my Colt AR and my M1A.
The procedure was a piece of cake too although I was extremely nervous before the first eye was done.
41 - 41 of 41 Posts
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