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Carbon Fiber Handguards ...

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Wonder what ever happened to that feller ...

Called himself CattleCall6 back then at BR ...

He was in the process of doing up some real nice carbon fiber handguards and even showed a few pics of his prototypes ...

Lots of folks were quite interested in acquiring them with potential orders and then all of a sudden he just disappeared into thin air ... :roll:

Seemed like a nice feller and was from somewhere here in Missouri (North Central I believe) ...

My membership there was terminated so maybe one of ya'll could maybe pose the question over there but I doubt anyone could tell us anything ... Dunno ... :?:

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I posted this on BR forum a while back and just found this site.

Here's a pic of my carbon fiber handguard.

I currently don't have any time to make these. But I might consider if there is sufficient interest.
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I can't imagine trying to make a vented one. The vents would have to be cut by hand. I did do another one for a friend that was going to cut it for a scout mount because his had cracked.

The one I made for myself and my friend are all carbon fiber. It is way overkill for a hand guard. Who really needs a hand guard that you can stand on. I went through a bunch that wasn't laminated correctly. I supported the ends and stood on it. The gel coat cracked a little, but the carbon just flexed.

The ones that the other guy tried to make isn't all carbon. There's some fiberglass to cut cost. A lot of the aftermarket crap for Honda's Civics and Accords are made that way.
Carbon only comes in one color. I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture, but the one I did for myself has a bluish tint. I added a little blue pigment into the gel coat. But this is really hit and miss. Too much will turn the gel coat opaque.

If I was still at my old job, I would be making these left and right, since I would sneak in the stuff and do while working. But with my current job, I barely have any free time during the week and I don't really want to spend my weekends working. It's amazing how tired you get staring at a computer screen 9 hours a day. Of course I get home, and stare at the computer screen for a few more hours.
Don't press your luck. I'll work out how much it cost to make a standard hand guard this weekend. The carbon fiber ends up being about .030" thick.

I don't have access to a shop anymore due to my job change so I would have to buy some equipment like a vacuum pump ~$300.
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