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My idea


I'm new to the forum but I wanted to share my latest project. I have made a carbon fiber composite M1A stock and I wanted to get some feed back on its looks and what other features it should have. I have a business making high-end telescopes and I'm fortunate to own a CNC machine shop and also have carbon fiber composite fabrication capabilities (our telescopes have many carbon fiber composite parts). I happen to own a M1A and I thought it would be fun to make a carbon fiber stock for it. Since I have made the mold, I may want to sell these if there is a market for them.

The stock is 100% carbon fiber composite with Kevlar added to strategic locations where impact stresses are imparted to the stock. I've already impact tested one prototype through 2500 cycles and have fired several rounds through it with excellent results.

I made the stock by creating a bladder mold. The mold has a right half and a left half that mirror the M1A stock precisely. I lay up several layers of prepreg carbon fiber material, bring the two halves together, insert a bladder, and then inflate the bladder to a fairly high pressure (about 80 psi) while curing the carbon fiber in a large over at about 300 deg F for several hours. The next step is to finish the stock where the receiver fits (this is where Kevlar is used). The carbon fiber stock is much stiffer than the plastic synthetic stock that comes standard from Springfield.

The stock has three flat sections on the forend (both sides, one on the bottom)to serve as mounting points for Picatinny rails.

The butt has an internal carbon fiber composite tube where you can insert a stainless steel weight to increase the weight of the rifle to help reduce perceived recoil. To lighten up the rifle, just take the weight out.

I didn't add points to add a sling.

The raw stock weighs about 1 lbs 6 oz (without the rails) but that will go up a few oz with the rails and the addition of a recoil pad.

Here are a few images of the stock on my M1A.

I am looking for suggestions on what recoil pad will work. The stock Springfield pad has that large projection that extends into the butt on the top side and this is problematic. It is not easy to fit to the carbon fiber stock and I don't like its looks. But I've not had good luck finding another recoil pad for the M1A that doesn't require trimming (according to reviews). Anyone have a good suggestion for a quality recoil pad for a M1A? I suppose I can cut off the projection but I'd like to avoid that if possible by finding a good pad that matches will to the M1A but has no projection.

Let me know what you think.


I have been working on an idea I will (almost) freely share with you. If you use it Ya Gotta send me one!
It might work too well and a rifle version of Glock Limp wristing might occur. That can be worked out with tuning.
Here is the best rough idea for a stock mod and recoil pad from a site much better than I can type out.

I now how much prepeg costs, vacuum bagging and I feel with the mold you have made you could clean up on several different versions of your stock at a good price point.

Straight USGI coloring on your stock

Desert Tan

Exposed carbon as in your photos

Shock absorber inserts as per my above idea

Of course after my free one, we get a group buy!



1 - 1 of 670 Posts
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