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I just tried one of the OLD/original Devine M1A rifles in our new alloy EBR stock bedding.

That old ALL GI Devine had an H&R trigger group, with the original trigger pull. Nice trigger ... obviously been worked on.

Racking the op rod on that rifle was indeed a near "Devine" experience.
The bolt cams the hammer back so SMMMMMmooooothhhhhly,
you almost wonder if the hammer is even in there.

Quite a difference from the usual Polytechs and Norincos I generally play with,

This Devine was in a US GI fiberglass stock,
??which I don't think was original???,
and was a bit light on trigger guard tension in the GI stock,
but otherwise what a sweetie!!!!

PS: The owner of this Devine has had it since he was a student at Colorado Gunsmithing School, back in the 70s???
I wonder if many other Canadian owned Devines are out there?
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