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Can anyone ID this Flash Suppressor PICTURE

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Not sure who made it, but that is a great pic. Those machining marks in the slots were what I was talking about with the one that SA Inc just sent me. I see it has the step behind the sight base, but can't tell from the pic if it has the 45* bevelled radius on the front end. Would you mind posting another picture that shows the front a little more clearly? If you don't mind, I'm gonna go ahead and link this to the "How to ID USGI Forged or USGI Cast Flash Suppressors" thread.
TEA said:
If you don't mind, I'm gonna go ahead and link this to the "How to ID USGI Forged or USGI Cast Flash Suppressors" thread.

Go right ahead, I dont mind. And thanks for the response. Sorry I dont have anymore pictures, the flash suppressor is at home and Im at school.
Oh and I dont know if this means anything but when you flick it with your finger it has a nice tiiiiiinngg to it. It rings like a tuning fork almost.
Have you checked out Different's web book to see who the maker is? I would guess that the A on the can is the maker's initial. I tied to look it up, but Word keeps crashing my computer for some reason. :?
"A" is not the manufacturer's mark but the start of the date code. Since it was made in December, 1961 it's not a TRW unit. It appears to be a cast USGI unit.
I dont think it is cast, as it has no lines, those mold lines you see on cast parts. But I am not 100% sure. I appears to be forged. That is a bad picture, it does not look like that ruff look, it is very smooth.
Sometimes the casting line is removed by finish machining, sometimes not. In late 1961 and the first half of 1962, TRW was remodeling their factory in Cleveland, OH to set up for M14 production. You have a USGI flash suppressor but it was made one of the other three makers. If your unit is forged it was not made by Springfield Armory and most likely not by Harrington & Richardson. I still don't know how Winchester made their flash suppressors.
Look at the serial numbers on the cans.

Jmaq2 said:
Look at the serial numbers on the cans.

Thankfully, that one is easy. :D
Is there a chance it is forged? I have a USGI Springfield Armory 1964 gas cylinder as well. Is that forged of cast? How is the qualtiy of these parts?
There's nothing wrong with a USGI cast flash suppressor. From M14 Rifle History and Development at www.imageseek.com/m1a

"Springfield Armory was the first of four M14 rifle manufacturers for the U. S. government. It was tasked with setting up a pilot production line in April, 1958. Startup of parts production began in December, 1958. The first five parts made were the receiver, the bolt, the gas cylinder, the operating rod handle and the trigger housing. Troublesome production issues included obtaining satisfactory precision castings for the flash suppressors, proper welding techniques for the operating rods, and achieving satisfactory heat treatment for the receivers. The USGI M14 operating rod drawing requires a weld near the aft end of the cylindrical portion. Springfield Armory (and Winchester and Harrington & Richardson) made operating rods from two pieces of alloy steel."

Source: Rayle, Roy E. Random Shots Episodes in the Life of a Weapons Developer. Merriam Press: Bennington, VT, 1997. www.merriam-press.com/memoir01/m_317_ex.htm

Lieutenant Colonel Roy E. Rayle, US Army (Retired) was the Army officer in charge of Small Arms Research and Development in 1961 at Springfield Armory. The source is impeccable. The U. S. government Springfield Armory made M14 flash suppressors by casting. By December, 1964 it was well known that the Springfield Armory was going to be shut down. IIRC from the Springfield Armory National Historic Site online notes, Springfield Armory workers started crating up M14 production machine tools as early as 1965. The Armory was closed on April 30, 1968.
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I assume the USGI Springfield Armory gas cylinders are of excellent quality?

Oh and I am going to have the cast GI flash suppressor reamed to NM spec, this will work fine being cast right?
The U. S. government Springfield Armory made excellent quality M14 parts. They were (and still are) the only entity that made ALL the M14 parts. Yes, there's no problem reaming a cast flash suppressor to National Match specification.
I bought a flash suppressor either ebay or gunbroker.com that had the same exact picture. The can was sealed when shipped and was wrapped in the yellow paper. I am very pleased with my suppressor and am about to send it to warbird along with some other parts for assembly. I cannot comment on specs but do know that it slides on my SAK barrel without any hessitation. I wished it had a little tighter fit.
wpdunit30, Drop a note to Tim stating you would like a little tighter fit on the F.S. . He would probably have tightened it up anyway if it is sloppy. It's not a big deal to do. Whether it is cast or forged, it is still a good F.S. and I doubt you will have any problems with it. Let us know about your new sweetie when you get her back home.
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