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The only thing better than calling the Senate to stand up for your freedom, is to make a freedom-hating tin tyrant pick up the tab!


Call and press 1 to bypass the antigun "talking points" they offer up, and enter your zipcode.

Where I got it (THR) says that you may have to be creative in the zipcode, as if you already have two staunch antigun Senators it may not connect you with anyone. He suggested using 45202 to get Rob Portman in Ohio, for instance. But, YMMV - Instead of staunch pro-2A Richard Burr, I got Kay Hagan. So I guess be prepared to either offer praise and support for defending the 2A, or education on why they NEED to be defending the 2A.

Sure would be too bad if a lot of people went around calling Senators all around the country and drained a chunk of Bloomer's bank account, hmm...? Especially if they passed along pro-2A sentiment the whole way...
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