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Buttplates & Handguards

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I decided to Post here, for the exposure. Hawk if need be you can move to another thread.

I want to know if anyone has seen for sale M14 Buttplates & Handguards that are New in the Wrap, Sealed. Never issued. I've seen and have parts that are in this condition...
Bayonets, Gas Pistons, Op Rod Springs, and other parts. I haven't seen Handguards, or Buttplates like this. I've bought from Fred's, but I think he might be running low on stuff. Not the greatest quality. And certainly not Un-Issued.

I'm looking for choice stuff in Un-Issued condition.
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I saw a new butt plate in the wrap and a standard handguard for sale on the dreaded Ebay last night. The Butt plate was starting at $20.
Thanks I'll check it out.

Anyone that has more info, please submit. Always good to have sources for supply.

LOU, OH LOU. Are you listening??? Parts man, PAAARTS! We're gettin low. You need to start forging more PAAAARRTS!!! Hawk, should this be a poll question?
Yeah, I have 2 hinged butt plates. They are from the Norinco M-305/M14 clone. Pretty much spec with a USGI stock. As a matter of fact I just popped one into a fiberglass stock I received from Numrich about 30 seconds ago. Fit perfectly. Can't give you the screws though as I need them for my own work. Price is $20 each. BTW, they still have grease on them.

PM if you are interested.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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