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Bush rifle conversion?

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Does anyone know of anyone doing a Bush rifle conversion other than Smith Enterprises?
BTW-Great looking site!
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Would be glad to have ya as a regular .... Climb aboard and register with us. Can't really answer your question although I am sure someone here will chime in shortly. Have yoursef a super fine day! :wink:

That was me SixT. For some reason, it didn't log me in automatically.
I'm building up a second M1A. Instead of having 2 standard models, I decided to build up a bush gun. I'm using all USGI parts with an Armscorp receiver.
I'm getting parts from CMP, Orion 7, and US Armory. The barrel is a WRA I purchased with my cupon from SA.
I'm enjoying this site, and look forward to learning from you all. I'm a Glock, Beretta, Sig Sauer, and Colt M16A2/AR15 armorer. I still have a lot to learn on the M1A, and this seems the site to do so.
Again, thanks for the site.
Sig huh? ... Good deal ... :wink:

I'll soon be a gettin one of them Sig 220s as soon as I get my M1 Garand sold. Hard part is the waitin' ... :(

Appreciate the thanks but its Hawk that ya need to be a thankin' as hes da man that gave us The Firing Line here ... :arrow:

Have a good one sir and look forward to seeing you around the line ... :wink:

cutting down barrel

Hi guy's,
Is it possible to have a normal barrel cut to bush gun length? Iv'e heard
that you have to watch out for chipping the chrome lining. I have an M1A & a Fed Ord M14SA. Was thinking of having the F-O turned into Bush Gun.
Dumb idea or what.

I wouldn't cut a USGI barrel. :cry:
Just buy a new chrome lined bush barrel from Wilson and sell the USGI barrel. :)

Somebody can always use a USGI barrel. :wink:

warbird out
Don't quote me but I think the twist is different on the shorter bush rifles then the standard.
I sent an email today to George at Wilson Arms,so hopefully we'll have an answer to that. :wink:

warbird out
By my limited resources a standard barrel is 1 in 12 twist while the short barrels are 1 in 11 twist.
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