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Guess I typed so much the first time that the "token expired" or some thing - and lost most of the review. Gonna try this AGAIN >:-/

Rifle received about 2 weeks ago. I disassembled it to inspect and clean it (in case any bits of machined metal might be anywhere. Wasn't too tough to take apart. Had to use the rubber mallet of love to get the trigger guard back down in order to finish reassembly. Everything is nice and tight.

Got to the range this A.M. to sight-in the rifle and work with the a buddy to call shots at 300 yard steel.

Sight-in range:
25 yards. 3 silhouette shapes printed on 8.5x11 paper (landscape)
Each target body is 2" high by 1.5" wide. Head is about .74" high by .5" wide

Ammunition: Lithuanian 7.62x51 NATO (GGG)

3 shot groups.
Group location based upon center of group and distance to "x" in center.
Group size based on 2 farthest shots, center to center (c2c)

1st group - 2" right/3" low - 1"c2c
2nd group - 2" right/2" low - .5"c2c
3rd group - .5" left/1" low - .5"c2c
4th group - .5" left/.5" low - .25"c2c (Yes. 1/4" - one hole)
5th group - .25" left/.25 low - 1"c2c (dang it!)

I then calibrated the elevation drum. 14 clicks down and 14 clicks back up.
For whatever reason I set the index mark for this zero at 200.

At 100 yards.
(someone took my paper target and lost/tossed it??)
I did take a picture with iPhone while it was still on the target stand, but group sizes are just guesses. Target seems to be some kind of standard 100 yard target.

1st group - 8 ring at about 10:30. 2"-2.5" group?
Moved windage two (2) clicks to the right.

2nd group - (only 2 shots) 8 ring at about 2:30
Moved windage one (1) click to the left

3rd group -
1st shot at top of X ring.
2nd shot 8 ring 12 o'clock (called it - I blinked or something)
3rd shot 10 ring

(Lost everything after this, so I'm cutting it short)

200 yards. 8"x13" paper targets to mimic steel plate challenge targets.
Stand was crooked, so targets were crooked. Old shoot-n-see's were still up and messed with sight picture as well.

Shots were fine, or slightly high, and left. Possibly due to crooked targets and me trying to figure out where/how to hold without canting rifle.

Final result - about 4"-5" groups.

300 yards - Steel silhouette plate about 20"x24"
First shots were called center mass or center/high (just under throat).
Then shots were going very low by 6"-12".
Burned a box of ammo messing with elevation trying to get back on target and quit for the day (3 hours and I was getting tired).

Got home and found elevation drum screw had loosened, which probably caused the rear sight to drop, causing my last low shots.

Will go back to range in a few days and recheck zero.

Are 14 clicks up for 25 yard zero acceptable? I've seen/read 7-9 click for most rifles.
Should the elevation screw come loose so easily? Or, did I make some noob error? What can I do to prevent this from happening again?

The rifle can, and DOES, shoot and I'm happy with what I was able to do with her for 80% of the time on the firing line.
I just need to make sure my targets are squared away next time (bring a level and paste them up after the stand is in the ground, for example).

Thoughts? Feedback? Thanks for reading!

14 clicks on my rifle is 400 yards. 100 yards should be around 6 -10 click range. How long is your barrel how tall is your front sight.

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The barrel is full length/standard 22”

As best as I can get the tape measure up to it, the blade is 1/4”. The base on which the blade is attached is 5/8”
Get the .062 width National Match front sight.

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But...but...but.... "Murica"!? I guess when Gunny Hartmann told Pvt Pyle, "Outstanding!", Pyle was shooting 2-3 MOA groups while I figured he must have been shooting 1-2 MOA - LOL

Okay. So I didn't do enough research and my expectations (based upon all that fancy High Power shootin') have been....."re-calibrated". :D
What is your sight picture look like ? Are you putting the top of the front blade at the bottom of the black bullseye, so it would look like a lollipop. What compensator/brake do you have on the barrel? It seems like your sight will not stay tight. A standard M1A is a 2-3 MOA rifle at best.
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