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OK, I finally got to the range with a variety of ammo and some time. A quick rundown on this gun:

Bula #50 XM21 with Bula 19.25" barrel
Bula bolt
Bula oprod

USGI parts:
trigger group (2 stage prepped, bought off someone here 2 years ago)
NM flash hider
unitized screw and glue gas cyl
bolt guts
op rod guide (used)
fiberglass stock

Other parts:
Sadlak ti piston
Sadlak spring guide
Nikon BDC 3x9x40
Millet low rings (I think)

Ammo selection:
Fed Gold Medal Match 168 (best group)
Win 168gr Match
PPU 168 gr Match
PPU 175 gr Match (4 shot group due to had one flyer I thought..)
PPU 145 gr white box used to zero gun, all other groups shot high and left of point of aim, as expected with hotter ammo.

Pretty straight up results. This gun loves the Fed GMM 168.. Looks like I need another job for more ammo or start reloading.. This test was today, about 80 degrees. Rested on a rolled up shooting mat on top of some boards. 100 yd, barrel was cool. I'm not a match shooter but very happy!

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Nice looking rifle and good shooting boggy!
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