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Building a M14

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I purchased a M1A/M14 manufactured in Dec 2009/Jan 2010. I am still very, very new to all this. But I saw two items sell this morning that made me wonder why not build one. It was a Winchester receiver with a matching barrel dated 1963 bolt and few extras, and the other item that sold was a very nice stock with a couple of cartouches and of course had the cut out for the selector switch (I would throw a dummy selector in there). I figure between this board and a couple of fellas I have chatted with and other researching. I will be able to find all parts and get one together, using as many USGI parts as I can. I love my first purchase but I wished I would have found an earlier one but that’s ok. Not sure why I was so unsure about building one. How many have you guys assembled one? Thanks, Billy
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What is printed on the side of this Winchester receiver under the op rod track?
About a year or two ago I saw on gunbroker one of the bula James River builds with the replacement GI heel. Maybe that is where the Winchester heel stamped is coming from.
I managed to pick up a few of those when JRA was doing them. Made wonderful additions to the herd. Same rifles may show up in different poses, but you get the idea. Whatta Hobby!

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