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Building 12.5 Pistol!

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Decided to build a 12.5 Pistol as something a little easier to carry in a truck or an around the house defense weapon.

Most that I saw at my LGS were expensive and did not have what I really wanted in the build.

I had a Tactical Machine Lower left from 3 I purchased at one time.

Faced the upper EXPO receiver, to get everything as straight as possible, removed about .005 to get square and flat face.

I show a pic of the upper on a flat mill vise with a square, this proves nothing for accuracy of course, but was just curious and in for the education.

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On the TM Lower I went ahead and did the set screw upgrade for the Thumb Safety and the Rear Take Down pin.

This is where you go in and just tap the original hole for a SS set screw.

On the Safety Mod the spring is cut and the original plunger is replaced with a steel ball.

It actually makes the safety "snappier" and more secure to me?

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what size ball.. and where do you get them?
what size ball.. and where do you get them?
PM me your addy and I will send you some screws and balls... ( something there sounds funny?)

You will have to get the Taps though but not that much.

Be advised nothing is drilled, just want to make sure there is no burrs in the Safety Detent Channel that the ball can hang up on.

My experience is the ball gives a better "feel" of a safety but has to be tweeked with the screw for the best position and then a drop of blue Loctite on top.
61 - 63 of 63 Posts
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