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Building 12.5 Pistol!

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Decided to build a 12.5 Pistol as something a little easier to carry in a truck or an around the house defense weapon.

Most that I saw at my LGS were expensive and did not have what I really wanted in the build.

I had a Tactical Machine Lower left from 3 I purchased at one time.

Faced the upper EXPO receiver, to get everything as straight as possible, removed about .005 to get square and flat face.

I show a pic of the upper on a flat mill vise with a square, this proves nothing for accuracy of course, but was just curious and in for the education.

Wood Gas Nickel Machine Cylinder
Automotive tire Bicycle part Wood Gas Rim
Bumper Wood Gas Screw Nut
Automotive tire Wood Bumper Automotive exterior Gas
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I guess it is just another thing to do to maybe keep one part from effecting another.

In my World heat expansion is probably not a factor.

However, the sling tension was a point and maybe lights installed?

I'm still building, so did it while easy.

Seems some rail makers mention it and some don't?
It will make a difference on follow up shots you are mounted to barrel nut which is a transition piece, chamber is in the barrel not the receiver so heat, and extraction can cause a shift. . Also check barrel nut after 100 rounds this is not a 223 have had correctly torqued nuts loosen on an Alexander Arms upper ,what made me check point of impact was changing with each shot
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Sorry, yes it is a 5.56 Barrel.

I keep forgetting a lot of these Pistols are built 300 Blk Out!
they also build 50 Beowulf a one hand cannon
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