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Bubba Custom

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I have an 03 that was "sporterized" sometime in the past, no doubt by someone named Bubba. Until I read this forum it had never even occurred to me to even look at numbers. But it does have what I believe to be a port for the pederson device. I have considered restoring it, but I haven't seen wood for it anywhere and I am really unsure of the sights. Hopefully Bubba did not mill anything off, but without having seen one up close I am not sure. Is one even worth restoring? It does shoot well now!
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Does it have the rear band on the barrel with the rear sight? If it does all you'll need is the stock and hardware (in itself a bit hard to find at times and pricey).

What you've got is a 03 Mk I (that's what it should say on the receiver - or something similar). Those were the ones cut for the pederson device.

I have one that was bubba'd and bought everything to make it stock again - but it's too much effort since I'll have to have the band sweated back on to the barrel and then pinned so I could have my rear sight.

Original stocks run anywhere from if your lucky and can find them $50 to over $200. It just depends. That doesn't even mention the cost of the other bits and pieces to put it back to refurbished condition.
TLynn, Thanks for the info! The front sight on mine is a very fine Bede (as in I think aftermarket) and the rear sight is what look like something off a Remington pushed into a dove tail cut into the barrel. The bayonet lug is missing as is all the top wood. If you don't mind when I get home (I travel a lot) I will post some pics and maybe you can tell me whats missing.

Thanks again.
mellowme - post the pictures or email them to me at [email protected] and I'll tell you what you have and what you still need.

In the meantime I'll dig through my parts and take pictures of the parts you have to have to restore it - that way you'll know what your looking for.
Thanks again TLynn. I how to be home by Wednesday. I will try to get pics of all the important stuff on it. My camera takes large pics and I don't have any software (or knowledge) to reduce them so if space is an issue let me know. Thanks.
space is not an issue for me with that email address.

Put 1903 Mark I in the subject line of the email though or I might not open it.

Have a safe trip home.

In fact go here http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?p=999&gid=1552279&uid=795862&members=1

It's a pretty big picture so I can't post it here - but there's your 03 and if you look close where the rear sight is you can see it's on a band that goes around the barrel.

Dang - well if you go through all those little pictures you'll see the full size 03 I'm talking about - sigh.
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