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An friend with more years than I while divesting himself of some of his treasures donated a medium sized wooden box of brass. After sorting I am left with some stuff I can't use. I'll throw it out here first, before I throw it out. Here's what is available:

Win 270 "RP" Headstamp - 39 pcs
DAG 93MO420 762x51/.308 (NATO-Berdan Primed)- 33 pcs
7.7 R1M32 (Berdan Primed) - 32 pcs

All weighs about 3 lbs. (Or about 1 lb. for each flavor). Should all fit in a small Post Office Flat Rate Box.
I'll keep it for couple of weeks. If no takers it goes in with the scrap copper, stainless and others.

If you want it I prefer a PM with send to info. PayPal, Money Order, Check, Cash all OK if I get it. Ain't gonna be be a lot anyway.

Thanks. LJE
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