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I purchased a new gun that was several years old M!A loaded with Stainless NM barrel. TRW bolt and Trigger assembly with fiberglass stock. Good looking gun. The gun had been in a gun store and had never been sold. I cleaned the barrel and receiver and lubed it properly. Took it to the range pulled handle back and thought I chambered a round. Pulled the trigger...only an audible click...Hmmm. Pulled charging handle back Round still in chamber with no firing pin mark on primer. extracted magazine released handle. pulled trigger ...Boom. Replaced magazine. Chamber another round ...same problem. Fail to feed. Round stayed in chamber.
Tried different ammo. same results. Had to manually force bolt to go into battery with heel strike on operating rod handle. I fired 100 rounds with no more than 2 rounds fired in succession as designed. all other had to hit bolt handle to get bolt into battery.

My gunsmith feels the gun was not new and had some work done to it. He mentions some bedding material still on receiver. Also gun came with garand lockbar type rear sight. Nothing major but he felt gun SA wouldnt have shipped gun like that. When i disassmbled it was obvious to me gun had nver been fired. It was clean as a whistle. SA records stated gun was an early model loaded and was buit Apr. 1996.

I shipped it back to SA for their review. Any ideas on this model and similar issues described. I am a 1st time M1A owner, long time gun owner and shooter.

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