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Boyds M1A walnut stock sale updated, Sale over!

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I got an Email from boyds saying their Springfield M1A, style 1 finished walnut stocks are on sale for $84.00. They also have finished walnut handguards on sale for $22.00. Remember these are just the stocks and you will need all the metal components.
Here is the link to Boyds, www.boydsgunstocks.com/replacement-stocks-for-military-rifles-s/120.htm
Get them while you can. They are not always available.

I picked up one of the style 1 stocks a few months ago and I did need to open the hinge area a little for the butt plate to fit. Boyds does say that some fitting may be necessary.
If you are looking for "metal" for the stock I recommend www.Treelinem14.com . I have been pleased with what I have ordered from them.

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That's a nice price for a nice stock. If I didn't already have one of them as well as a pepper laminent I'd be getting another. Thanks for the heads up.
But 82nd ABN, I thought part of the charm of this Forum was to get people to buy M14 parts they didn't need. Thus creating the impetus for a new build. GI1

Your welcome,
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