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Bore brushes

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Bore Brushes: When I was in the service I was always being told "Use those Bore brushes" But it didn't seem to matter if I did or didn't use it, the rifle always worked well.. Is it really that big a deal?
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If you don't clean out the lands and grooves ,you'll lose acurracy and possibly burn out the barel sooner.
Try cleaning the rifle without a brush. Get it as clean as possible without a brush. Let the bore soak overnight with some Hoppes. Patch it out. You should get black fouling and green copper on the patch.

Next time you shoot clean the bore like you did the last time. Then using a new bore brush scrub the bore. Patch out the bore. repeat until the patches come out clean. Let the bore soak overnight as before. patch it out. The patch should come out mostly green. A little fouling is typical as it leaches out of the pores of the steel.

Brushes are cheap anyway. Sinclair and Fulton sell .30 cal brushes for about a buck each.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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