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Boots and/or footwear

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Lets talk boots and other footwear. You can only go as far as your feet will take you in many a true SHTF situation.

As I get older, I am having more and more foot issues from years of punishing my feet in the military when I was young and invincible. I wish I had paid the extra for the best shoes and boots when I was younger and I probably wouldn't have the issues I have now, not to mention my knees would be in better shape as well.

Around 2006 or so I began searching for the best boot to wear while in uniform and though not "authorized", I ended up wearing the full-size Converse Desert boot with the side zipper as it was the most comfortable boot I had ever worn. Now that I am older and have even more issues, I have to add my inserts from the VA to them, but they are still almost on a par with my Nike running shoes that I also have to add an insert to make them comfortable. They will wear out over time, as I have gone through several pairs (8 inch and 6 inch versions), and they can not be resoled as far as I can tell, but like a pair of high top basketball shoes, they are lightweight, comfortable and give good ankle support. They are definitely not for colder climates.

I wear the 6"version now, and the last pair I bought were made by Reebok as Converse has discontinued them. The boot is pictured here: http://www.lapolicegear.com/coc86mecotoe.html

If you are looking for a comfortable boot and can find any of the Converse ones in stock in your size, these are comfortable. If you can't find any, the Reeboks look to be basically the exact same boot.

How about the rest of you - What boot or shoes do you recommend for a combination of comfort/wearability and durability?
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well for boots i like H&H biker boot's.
i cut the leather and ring off them. then have a zipper installed.
for shoes i get custom moccasins nothing feels better.
well just sent for a new pair of moccasins.
sent tracing of foot so will be a good fit.
they have 2 soles so can be resoled later.
but i have been reading and some places sell
a kit. in the kit is 1 qt powdered tire rubber and
1 qt of special glue. you mix powder and glue 50/50
and spread onto sole. makes a long lasting sole.
then as it wears you mix more and repair worn spots.
i have read using that mix on bottoms no need for resole ever.
here is link to moc's i sent for.
Arrow makes high quality moccasins. Excellent summer shoe. If you hunt, consider trying to use some deer hide and craft your own! It's pretty cool what you may end up with. Excellent SHTF skill to have.
i have a old set in elk skin same style. after 15 years of wear
they are wore out. was not arrow brand i had before. was
a pair i had made from a man at a gun show. i might be able
to have them resoled. i would have to look to see if too worn thru
the first sole and if no cracking. if so was going to email arrow
and ask to have old ones resoled is only $60 for them to do it.
after i get new ones will dig out old ones to look over.
that glue and tire powder might just work on them also.
with a pair i can walk most anywhere silently. great for the woods.
1 - 3 of 90 Posts
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