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Great Lakes, September-November, 1965. Our Boot Camp was shortened to 8 weeks to activate the older buildings for the expected draft for Vietnam.DI5
Hey sailor, your not by chance refering (the old buildings) to Camp Barry and those old WWII wood frame 2 story barracks over east of Mainside are you? Cause thats where I spent my first week for initial processing in Feb. 70. Cold as can be to.
Great Lakes NTC 02/70-05/70. A school Aviation Ordinance
NAS Jacksonville. Jacksonville, Fl. Ser.# B464874, Billet# 129-01-119. Co.92 Engineman 1st Class Barlow CC. Camp Dewey. Road the train to Racine for first recruit liberty. Learned basic damage control & shipboard firefighting as did all recruit companies after the Forestall incident in 68.

1 - 1 of 286 Posts