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Want to dispose of some books, some firearms, some military history, some just interesting history.

Some of the relatively huge ones are priced higher because of the shipping. I'll send most via USPS media mail, but there's an area about 9 ounces where they can move FIRST CLASS at the same or very similar prices. Anything that isn't hard cover I'll mention specifically, but I think most of these are.

Everything is in better than average condition, a few are book club special printings and illustrated versions, but I just need the room and don't need the books. Most have dust covers. Price will often reflect shipping, which isn't cheap!!

Alan-Moorehead-THE-RUSSIAN-REVOLUTION-1958-Time-Inc-301-pp. 24 pages of photos. Excellent examination of the fall of the Romanovs and the politics leading up to and following those seminal events. $12.00

FIRST BLOOD-the story of Fort Sumter by W.A. Swanberg (1957) 373 pp. hard cover. Great study of the events leading to the Civil War and the personalities involved. $12.00

Jackson--TANKS AND ARMORED FIGHTING VEHICLES hardcover (2007) 220pp. Illustrated. Takes the technology and engineering right from the very first rolling gun platforms up to almost the present day, and includes just about everything still in service more than a decade later. $12.00

Operation-Sea-Lion-The-Projected-Invasion-of-England-1940-Peter-Fleming. 323 pages. Hardback. Simon and Schuster, Publication Year 1957. Illustrated. LCCN 57-007936, the invasion that never was, the one which many think could NEVER have happened. $10.00.

Mauser Military Rifles of the World--Robert W. D. Ball (2006, Hardcover) 4th ed. ISBN-10 0896892964 ISBN-13 9780896892965. This is 448 pages and over 1300 illustrations, mostly color photos, of Mauser military variants from 1871 forward. It is the key reference for the most popular firearm in history (some estimates say as many as 135 million Model 98's ALONE were produced!!). $22.00 SOLD

GREATEST GUNS OF GUN DIGEST (2010) F+W Media 224 pp. 39 articles. Autographed by Jim Thompson (ME). This is my personal copy, in which I placed two articles, one on the early CZ75 pistols and clones on page 84, finishing at page 89, and followed by the Amber Award article from 1994 on the Model 98 Mausers, on page 218 ("The Most Important Rifle"), which ends on page 222, and is the last piece in the compendium.I will sign and date this before forwarding with a simple salutation and signature. If a purchaser/winner REQUESTS, I can omit that inscription. I do NOT think a detailed or named dedication is prudent, as it tends to have a negative effect upon value down the line. Standard GUN DIGEST size and format. $14.00

Autographed ADVANCE COPY Jim Thompson book: MACHINE GUNS (history) Paladin (1989). This was sent to an old friend, before the actual release of this volume, in 1988. Formal release date is 1989. It was returned, "undeliverable", since that party had moved. By the time the new address was available, about a decade later, the book had gone through several corrections and reprints and updates, first a small update, and then, finally, coming out again in a 2006 paperback edition. Curiously, now that I have been out of this business for a while, the new, much improved version of this tome is almost certain to be back in ink and online by the end of 2018. This was back in the bad old days, when one of the photo editors put all the drum-magazined weapons in 90 degrees rotated, because in the words of the editor-in-chief, "They were mistaken for wheels!" I took all 269+ photos save a very, very few archival, public domain items. It was possible and, I thought, required to fire (I've done MG's since the 50's!!) almost all of these before this book was ever composed. 238 interior pages. 269 photographs. Paladin Publishing folded in 2017, and these originally sold for as much as $90.00. This one is rare for a variety of reasons, and AUTOGRAPHED. $34.00

Volume-II-THE-OUTLINE-OF-HISTORY-H-G-Wells-1949-Doubleday-Garden-Book-Club-Edition. Revised and updated to include World War II by Raymond Postgate. Maps, plans, etc., by J.F. Horrabin. Begins with the crusades era. 1288 pages + covers, frontispiece. This is the seminal volume of "modern" history, given the contraints of the times. It is very much "Euro-centered", but accurate. $10.00

HINGE OF FATE Volume IV of Churchill's superb 1950 World War II histories. Book of the month edition, with special illustrations. 1000 pages. $14.75. SOLD SOLD SOLD

Heyerdahl AKU-AKU 1958 with dust cover appears to be first edition of book. This one includes the dust cover. No staining worth mentioning. HARD COVER VERSION, NOT THE PAPERBACK OR POCKET VERSIONS WHICH FOLLOWED. Library of Congress Card Number 58-7834. Great travel tale, anthropological invesigation, and overall sailor's story. 384 pages. $13.00.

CLOSING THE RING WW2 history (1951) 748 pages illustrated. One of the seminal WW2 histories, this is volume five of Churchill's magnifcent World War II history. Goes from the summer of 1943 to 5 June, 1944, just as the airborne leaves for Operation Overlord the night before the amphibious landings. There are a few smears of ink on the dust cover and so on, but overall, this is in very nice condition. $14.50 SOLD SOLD SOLD

MR. BARUCH (1957) Margaret L. Coit, re: adviser to President, nations-jacket! R. BARUCH (1957) Marget L. Coit adviser to Presidents and nations w/jacket. Very nice condition. Covers about seven + decades of the life and learning and advice of this South Carolinian. Bernard Baruch was always described as a "paradox and an enigma" and always seemed to see "much farther over the horizon" than others. 784 pages. Printed by Kingsport Press, Kingsport, TN. Houghton-Mifflin Publishing. $13.25

YEARS OF TRIAL AND HOPE 1946-52 (vol.2) Harry S. Truman w/dust cvr. (1956), much better than average. 594 pages. Covers the critical postwar to Korea years, right up until the '52 election. Unique history from one of America's most interesting and unusual chief executives, from the days when the traditions and Constitutional obligations of the office still had overwhelming meaning.If you have volume I and need the second, this is IT!! Clear, direct, and much like the man himself. $12.00.

We Who Are Alive and Remain : Untold Stories/Band of Brothers-2009 Brotherton. 295 pags. Seems to be the first edition. Rather good, but gummy remains of price stickers front and rear. No page disruptions I can find. Nicely illustrated. Actual title is UNTOLD STORIES ROM THE BAND OF BROTHERS. Purpose is to broaden the scope of Ambrose' work. This is a rather "broadening" book that fills in some blanks in BAND OF BROTHERS. $10.00. SOLD PENDING FUNDS SOLD SOLD

JAPANESE AIRCRAFT OF WORLD WAR II. Basil Collier. Some small stains. Dust Cover. 1979. First American Edition (British publication). Mayflower Books. Heavily illustrated, maps, etc., etc. 144 pages. This is apparently a fairly rare volume. $11.00.

AIRCRAFT OF WORLD WAR II. Chris Chant. 1999. "300 of the world's greatest aircraft". Heavily illustrated historian's visual guide. Near perfect condition. Metro books. 320 pp. Compact. Includes some real rarities. 5 1/8" x 6 3/4" appx. size, very beautiful color illustrations, from the Aeronca L-3 Grasshopper to the Yakovlev Yak-1, all in alphabetical order, and including even the small powers. Data corrects a lot of errors in nomenclature from the old days. $11.00 SOLD

BEYOND BAND OF BROTHERS: The War Memoirs of Major Dick Winters. Berkley Publishing. 2006. 304 pages. The late protagonist of BAND OF BROTHERS provided this excellent "fill in" of Ambrose' work late in his life, and it provides a lot of detail and color not present in the film or the original volume. This is is about new, with dust cover. $10.00. SOLD SOLD SOLD

THE GREATEST GENERATION SPEAKS. Tom Brokaw. Random House. About perfect, with flawless dust cover. 1999. 236 pp. A nice, personalized capsule "small town view" ( but not necessarily about small town folk), done by the South Dakota native, and a followup to THE GREATEST GENERATION. $8.75 by itself, $5.00 if purchased with another volume. SOLD SOLD SOLD

SMALL ARMS OF THE WORLD. W.H.B. Smith. 1955 Fifth edition. Military Service Publishing Company, Harrisburg, PA. 768 pages. I purchased this during the re-write of my Machine Gun book from Paladin (now defunct) to brush up on some details. Had to, because my old one was covered with grease spatters and blood (LONG STORY!!) and whatever, and literally fell to pieces. This one is a hardcover, of course, but nowhere near as solid as the others here. It is, however, the "classic" version, with the WWI and WW2 materials intact. This is a handy manual for many arms, and will help identify many collector's items. No dust cover at all. It is subtitled: "A basical manual of military small arms", which is surely an understatement. It's HEAVY. $15.00. SOLD SOLD SOLD

Another volume: Stephen E. Ambrose (author of D-Day and Band of Brothers) CITIZEN SOLDIERS--The U.S. Army from the Normandy Beaches to the Bulge and to the surrender of Germany. Soft cover. Simon & Schuster 1997. 528 pages. This was one several Best Seller Lists for quite a while. It's typical Ambrose. An excellent read!! $9.50.

If/as possible, I can probably combine shipping to save a little on these here and there.

However, shipping is NOT cheap, nor are proper packaging materials, and I shall try to insure EVERYTHING.

Also have: Hornady Nitride .38 super 3-die set, no cartridge holder--I had been using these to load 9mm. Bergmann-Bayard/9mm. Largo, and found that my .38 Super guns also worked well. I then started using 9x23 rimless brass, and that worked great, too, with all the Spanish and U.S. guns. Anyway, these are used, but in the box, and $20.00. SOLD SOLD SOLD

RCBS .30/06 f.l. set, also in box, used, obviously, also $20.00.

RCBS 7.92x57 IS/JS--also called "8mm. Mauser"--full length set, complete, used, boxed, also $20.00. SOLD SOLD SOLD

Unless someone needs a shipping upgrade, I will ship at these prices.

Can do paypal, but will have to actually RECEIVE what's listed here. That may involve "increasing" the price for their purposes appx. 4%. Contact me in that regard. Otherwise, checks or money orders are fine.

I do have photos of a lot of this stuff. But there's not much to see, really.

Works best to e-mail me, but I do check PM's in here.

I am compressing and cleaning up and moving on.

Will have some other items for sale shortly, too.
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