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Bolt disassembly help

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I need some help disassembling the bolt on my M1A using the Combo Tool.

I think I've followed the instructions, but I can't get the extractor to release. While using the combo tool to depress the ejector plunger I twist the screwdriver under the extractor, but it won't lift of budge. Am I doing something wrong or is there a special trick?

And once I get this puppy apart and cleaned up, are there any problems getting it back together?
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First of all I would like to welcome you to the board LEW ...

Glad to have ya with us and don't be a stranger round here ... :wink:

I personally have never tore mine down but there are certainly a few here who have and will be chiming in here shortly so wait for them to advise you accordingly and they will steer you in the proper direction to make sure it is done right without any complications ...

I know that dighawaii (aka Tom) has done this many times and he told me he has a regular tool of some kind or a jig that is used to do this proceedure very easily.

I am sure that he or another member here with more knowledge than I on this will jump in soon.

Have a super day! :wink:

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Bolt disassembly

Im interested to know how to do it with the combo tool as well. Ive tried with no success. Ive heard the problem is going back together.
The only real trick is to keep your left thumb on the extractor so it won't fly.

What obviously needs to happen is for the ejector to be depressed sufficiently to allow the unseating of the extractor, by prying at the hook, or pushing on the stem (at bottom of bolt)

I use the bolt tool because I find it easier, but in the field, you just need to work it 'til you've got it.

For reassembly, to same applies - you have got to get that ejector way in there to reseat the extractor. Some guys will put a .30-06 empty case in the chamber, ease the bolt down on it, which pushes in the ejector, then they pop the extractor in. Remember you need to keep the f-pin forward while doing that.

Again, that's why I like the bolt tool. :wink:
Howdy there LEW,

I do those by hand most of the time and the hard part is getting it back together.A screwdiver will remove the extractor but,watch that ejector as it "will" fly out.

I use a 3/8 punch to push the ejector in when I install the extractor.Guys get a real kick out of seeing me do it at gunshows. :lol:

There's a jig type tool that makes the job much easier on ya for about $55-$60.You may find one cheaper if ya look around for one.

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