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BM59 Conversion Pictorial

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I am going to have Shuff's do a BM59 conversion. Are any of you interested in a step-by-step pictorial of what I started out with and what I end up with? I figured this might help smooth out some of the bumps for any future BM59 owners.

So, what do you think?
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Question: is there any interest in NOS BM-59 triggers? I have a small quantity of new triggers I came into.

They are exactly like M14 triggers, except there is a sort of bump shape on the disconnector that is used for full-auto fire. Since no one is building true full-auto BM-59s, I figure the only interest would be from people who wanted to be historically accurate, and I figured there are not many.

I see these triggers on line in used condition - I've never seen any NOS, so I don't know if the rarity of mine makes them valuable in any way.

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Lots of data in one pic, so bring on the data!
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