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blinding flash of obvious re: elevation knob

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OK, I'm proof of the more education, the less sense.

I have an M1A with what I think is an M1-yards rear elevation drum, as I have seen M14 drums that have the M on it, which mine does not (looks like a V on its side). I've been racking my brain over where to find a new elevation pinion assembly.

Then it hits me: wouldn't replacing just the drum with a Metric knob still allow the proper elevation functionality?

Or am I wrong? Do I need a whole new pinion assembly?
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Good question ... :roll:

I do know that if it will work I believe Quagmire had a bunch of these knobs for sale here recently.

I think the tread pitch are the same between the two. Its just how they are indexed on the knob thats different. From what I understand the parts are the same just different markings.
What are you worried about? originality? I can tell you I saw them both ways in the service. The m-1 and m-14 sights are the same and got mixed up a lot. I use a lockbar sight on mine and it is yards and just fine for way out there targets. I like yards better anyway. The army can have that metric garbage! I have to deal with it enough at work. Most if not all shooters I know don't even worry about what the sight says anyway. They just count clicks. That's all I do.

Go Navy!
The elevations knobs can be interchanged as m14dan said.Most people like the M1 knobs because they're in yards instead of meters.Even though I have the meters on all mine,it really doesn't matter to me.

As most know already,the meter elevation knobs have gotten really hard to find and make for good collectors pieces 8) .

warbird out
All of the ranges I go to have targets set up in yards, not meters.


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