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Bipod suggestions?

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Today, my Troy S.A.S.S. arrived. I'm pumped! But, I just realized that I need a bipod. I have very little experience with bipods. The rifle is an M1A NM. Any suggestions?
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Most bipods are fine. Heck, even the milspec bipod is good if you know all the quirks. And they all have quirks.

But to be the contrarian here, my favorite bipod is no bipod at all.

A LOT of guys (not saying you nor anyone here) fall into "monkey-see, monkey-do" thinking when it comes to many accessories and probably bipods most of all. Everyone ELSE has one, so it must be great stuff, right? I usedta be that way, myself.

But what I've come to learn is that I shoot better *without* a bipod most of the time. So my AR-10 and NM M1A got stripped of theirs, though my heavy-stock, HB, NM M1A stubbornly refuses to let go of that one ;-)

If it solves a problem, then sure. I'd never tell a man what to decide. But don't feel obligated to have one, is all i'm saying.

1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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