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I know this has been covered before, but I want the most up-to-date info. What brand oil and what brand grease are best for a SA M1A Loaded in syn stock and ss barrel?

I'm looking for an oil/grease that will protect the rifle and keep it running as reliably and for as long as possible.

Many Thanks!


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Hi all!

Sorry about the thread necromancy, but I wanted your opinion.

I recently purchased a Springfield M1A "Loaded". I've never owned one before so I'm trying to learn as much as I can about this weapon. I also own an AR, a SMLE MK III*, a Sig P226, and a Glock 22. I recently started using Froglube paste, and my other weapons seam to like it quite well. My M1A however, not so much.

I haven't fired it while using the Froglube, but the action doesn't feel as smooth as it did before I applied the Froglube. I know from my research that grease is the preferred lubricant for M14 type rifles and wanted to get your opinion of this grease:

John Deere Multi-Purpose Extreme Duty Synthetic Grease (TY26156, TY25744, TY26599)

With the Multi-Purpose Extreme Duty Synthetic Grease there is no need to buy several different greases for different applications. One product can be used for all applications – in the home and on the farm.
Features and benefits
· Synthetic with Teflon™; no silicone
· USDA food-grade, rated H-1, non-toxic, odorless
· Repels dirt, dust and grime
· Prevents rust and corrosion
· Water- and saltwater-proof
· Will not drip, run or evaporate
· Non-staining
· GC-LB rating, grade 2 grease
· “K” certified Kosher product
· Dielectric grease ideal for sealing, protecting, and insulating electrical components and connectors

· -45o F to 450o F (-42.7o C to 232o C)
· Tolerates extremely high and cold operating temperatures
· For use around food-processing areas
· Farm, construction and commercial equipment – universal joints, wheel bearings, suspension systems, and brake calipers
· Marine – inboard/outboard drives, prop shafts
· General-purpose – windows, garage doors, hinges, bicycles, shop tools, locks, and many other applications
Service Rating
· NLGI grade 2, NLGI (GC-LB), Food Grade (NSF H-1)

Test analysis
Penetration @ 77°F (25°C), 60 strokes 280 mm/10
Dropping point, oF 500°F minimum
Timken OK load, minimum 40 lb.
Water washout @ 175°F, loss 4%
Oxidation pressure drop @ 100 hours, maximum 10 psi

I'm the service manager for a John Deere dealer so I can get this grease at cost. Thank you for taking the time to give me your opinion. I appreciate it.

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Another Lubriplate 130A user. Has the right consistency. Like toothapste and not too tacky like some bearing greases can be. Easy to tell you have grease in the right spot b/c of the color.

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I would think any good gun oil for the trigger group, and all pins/contact points.

As for the op rod, and bolt/receiver... I use any good quality grease with teflon, like Tetra or similar. That stuff makes the sliding action buttery smooth.
But Teflon in your barrel supposedly decreases accuracy, so make sure to keep that real clean.

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Great Grease!!


I have been using Super Lube in my fishing reel repair shop for years, it is great. It is a NLGI rated grease and with a temperature range of -45 to +450 *F it should cover all of our needs. It goes on and stays where you put it. This is what I use on my LRB.


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Best grease/oil to use on M1A

I have a Fulton Armory built Norinco M14. Have been lubricating it with Tetra products suggested by Clint. Grease on roller, bolt lugs, bolt raceway, hammer hooks, and sear. Oil everywhere else. I haven't had an lubricant related issues with these products. Minimal wear, if any at all, and operates flawlessly.
Excellent products.

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I am curious what are you gents using for extreme cold temps (-20F)?

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