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This particular one here is not mine and the only thing I see missing here is the ghost ring sights ...

Nice rigs they are though ... :wink:

Light weight and smoooth as a baby's butt ... :)

I'll see if I can find a few old pics of mine around here somewhere ...

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THE BENELLI M1 Super 90.
I got one to try for shooting competion maaaannnnyyyyy years ago right after they came out. Everyone remarked about recoil. I didn't care so long as it ran.
It liked it soooo much I picked up another one because I knew I would eventually need a replacement. DUUUHHHH!!!!
After I went over 40,000 rounds of slug and buck without replacing a part, I figured out I probably wouldn't need the replacement shotgun still sitting NIB. I sold it. I am out of the competition game now and it still hasn't broken a part, havent replaced a thing on it. It looks like he!! but it will still shoot.

I used to shoot lots of bowling pin shoots and everyone I showed up to someone would have invested $1000+ in their Remmytin and they would say "now it runs as fast as the Benelli." I would ask, why not just get a Benelli and be done with it?

The one shoot that REALLY got me was this guy I had gone head to head against before and each time I would beat him and he would get more "tricking" to his Remmy. He was making his run, and he antiipated the timer beep and missed it and came off the rail early, but the timer didn't catch it although the rest of the crowd did. He also ran his own handloads that were powder puff light. When the smoke cleared way he had a 2.0 second time, but everyone knew he had cheated on the time, just wasn't caught by the right person.
The "guy" started razzing me about my "slow" gun and how he could tell me where to find a good smith to "speed it up to the Remmytin"

I had 3 more runs to make and had been holding the lead up til then. I went back on the line, reaaaallllyyy spread out my stance and hammered. My last run I turned and looked at the crowd and they were just standing there open mouthed. I knew it was fast, just didn't know how fast.
1.6 seconds for a 5 pin run including reaction time from the beep.
I walked back from the line and looked at the "guy" and said, "no matter how much you spend or how much you tweak, that POS will never beat a stock Benelli" and just walked on by.

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Know what ya mean there LCOP ...

Wish I had'nt of gotten rid of mine but I had to do what I had to do ...

Shes got a happy home though ... :wink:

Kinda makes me not feel so bad that-a-way ... :D


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I have rifle sights on mine and I like them just fine. I have Ghost rings on my 590A1 and like them too
So what's my point?
I don't know... :roll:
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