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Post I'll take it" here followed by a PM with NAME AND ADDRESS AND HOW YOU WANT TO PAY
Insurance extra and must be asked for if wanted, I am not responsible for lost packages.
Payment in form of USPS Money Order , cash (at your own risk) ,bank issued cashiers check or personal check if I know you.
Sorry will no longer accept PayPal
Can ship multiple parts First Class $4.75 as long as they fit in the padded envelope I use and do no go over weight

Excellent Garand hammers that interchange on the M14/M1A perfectly.
SA 5 hammers (3)
SA 7 hammers (2)
SA9 (sold)
$28 each plus ship

These are all NOS hammer spring plungers without wings, very dry from VCI storage, no longer in wrap

these unissued NOS plungers are priced cheaper than used ones
$3.99 ea plus ship
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