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Bayo Lug on the flash S.

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I have found a Flash suppressor with a pre ban Bayo Lug. I own a loaded M1A But it was made too late to be manufactured with a Bayo Lug. Heres the question: I want to try a GI stabilizer but I need a Bayo lug to mount it. Will it be legal to change the flash suppressor to a older, pre ban one ?
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short answer nope. that will give you 2 evil features. the lug and the flash supressor. and on a post ban you can have only one.

however would anyone find out if you tried and and didn't tell anybody? probably not. would a local cop even care if he saw you at the range? probably not.

go to the ATF site to get the full text. http://www.atf.treas.gov/firearms/legal/semi.htm
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