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With a battery & proper voltage & power inverter you can about power anything.
Most think small scale like powering lights, TV, fan, etc. But you can go larger like to power a frig or chest freezer.
Even larger you can go 240VAC inverter to power a well pump. And that is a big deal.

If you take one battery & one inverter & look at each as a individual circuit its easier to figure things out. IE: One battery & inverter to power lights & a TV. One battery & inverter for the frig. One battery & inverter for well pump.

And then there's charging the batteries. Backup system for charging the batteries would be using a generator. Solar panels will be your friend. About the only maintenance for solar panels is to keep the face of them clean but even dirty/dusty they will work, just not as efficiently.

Even if you have plenty of fuel for a generator you still don't want to run it all night long. That's when you run off the battery for atleast some lights.

And starting out on a budget you can start by using 12VDC lights & have a 12VDC TV to stay abreast of weather & such.

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More info

Thanks. ok what about the crown 8v 337 amp hours for the same price as the crown 6v 232 amp hours to get to 48 v with the 8 volt you only need 6 batts. but to get to same 48v with 6v you need 8 batts so have to buy 2 more plus the 8v have more amp/hr rating for more charge?



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I don't know your systems, what are you guys running on 48V? That's a really uncommon voltage.
48V on golf carts. Old 36V systems can be upgraded & newer golf carts are more & more going to 48V.

With a 48V golf cart four 12V batteries would give you the least runtime. Six 8V batteries would give more runtime. Eight 6V batteries will give you the most runtime.

Here's my problem with 8V batteries. What do you do if your 48V charger goes out? 12V batteries you can use a regular 12V charger on them. 6V batteries you can pair up & charge two at a time. But what is your option with 8V batteries?

21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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