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With a battery & proper voltage & power inverter you can about power anything.
Most think small scale like powering lights, TV, fan, etc. But you can go larger like to power a frig or chest freezer.
Even larger you can go 240VAC inverter to power a well pump. And that is a big deal.

If you take one battery & one inverter & look at each as a individual circuit its easier to figure things out. IE: One battery & inverter to power lights & a TV. One battery & inverter for the frig. One battery & inverter for well pump.

And then there's charging the batteries. Backup system for charging the batteries would be using a generator. Solar panels will be your friend. About the only maintenance for solar panels is to keep the face of them clean but even dirty/dusty they will work, just not as efficiently.

Even if you have plenty of fuel for a generator you still don't want to run it all night long. That's when you run off the battery for atleast some lights.

And starting out on a budget you can start by using 12VDC lights & have a 12VDC TV to stay abreast of weather & such.

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Think landscaping LED light, low draw and if the grid is down the output of the LEDs will be more than enough light to see your environment. A small solar panel, landscaping lights and lawn tractor battery will provide "moving around the house light".
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