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Bassett scope mount question

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What factors should I consider in choosing between the standard Bassett scope mount and the Picatinny mount?
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Primarily, no flexibility for eye relief adjustment.
The pic mount looks much better in a modern stock
Get the picatinny. High or low is personal preference.
It gives you more flexibility in scope eye relief.
It just looks a whole lot better than the old school mount.
Even without the scope on it, I think it gives the rifle a nice scout type of look.
The last benefit I recently realized after 5 years of using it. I've never found any shell marks on my scopes although I do see brass marks on the bottom of the basset. I think it defects them away from hitting the scope. So I see that as a major plus for the pic mount.
I have 2 of the high pic mounts.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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