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Bassett scope mount arrived today

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I ordered the picatinny low mount for my Norinco M14 and it arrived in less than week. It took me less than a minute to install and torque. I'll be bringing in the M14 with scope mount into work Sat. to match ring heights to mount a Vortex Viper 6.5-20x50mm with a 30mm tube. http://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/vortex-6.5-20-x-50mm-viper-scope?a=1722825 I really like the glass on the Vortex Viper line and the 30mm tube.
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Nice! Where do you shoot?
My favorite outdoor range is out of Spooner,WI where my Dad is a member. Pistol range and a separate rifle range marked off at 100 yds to 1000 yds. We usually go shooting early Monday morning when I visit him. We basically have the range to ourselves since it's a private range. I plan on going up there for Father's Day and trying out the M14 at long range targets for the first time. My Dad shot NM Garand for the Air Force/Air Guard in iron sight competition and placed top ten for several years before he retired.
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I got the same mount for my M1A and needed to do a bit of filing on it. Nothing extreme, there was a pinch point on the rear hand guard band. Called Bassett and that's what they recommended. They also told me that the only contact points on the mount are the bold, lans, and grooves. So check your mount out and make sure its not "rubbing" anywhere other than those points.
Thanks for the tip. I checked mine out and have a gap between the handguard and the band clip. My Vortex Precision 30mm matched picatinny scope rings arrived yesterday and I put them on minus the yet to be purchased Viper scope and any torquing. Hopefully I'll have time at work Saturday to test fit the scope to rings.
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