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What kind of handguard are you using: USGI or something else?

I was dealing with this issue yesterday.

When I first installed the Bassett mount, I had a USGI vented handguard on the rifle. Mounting the Bassett with the vented handguard was no problem and there was no contact between them. I decided to take the vented handguard off to go out and shoot some rounds with the scope mount on (to avoid barrel heat issues). I put on the Springfield Armory handguard the rifle came with and I could not get the mount on without serious contact with the handguard. I had a non-vented USGI handguard also, so I put that one on and tried again. With the non-vented USGI, the fit was closer than the vented USGI, but no contact between the mount and handguard.

I almost put the Springfield handguard on again just to try it out one more time, but didn't bother. I do think the difference was the newer handguard metal was a good deal stiffer (and perhaps larger) than the USGI handguards. Could be wrong. Just using a visual test between the handguards all lined up next to each other, I couldn't really tell a difference.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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