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I recently purchased a Bassett low Picatinny mount. When I installed the mount, I noticed that the inside edge was pressed against the handguard of my M1A rifle. The contact was enough to leave a mark on the paint on the handguard. I took the mount off and used a Dremel tool to relieve some of the edge to provide clearance from the handguard. This effort took less than five minutes and the inside edge of the mount no longer presses against the handguard.

The mount functions just fine and the marring of the paint job on the hand guard is minimal. I have been very happy with my Bassett mount. However, I would advise Bassett that on future production of their Picatinny mounts, the inside edge (The side facing the rifle's receiver) needs to be relieved to provide clearance from an M1A handguard. If they have access to a rifle, perhaps they can test the fit to ensure there is enough clearance. I have read of other people having such issues on the M14 Forum online. I sincerely believe a lot of M1A/M14 owners would be very pleased to not have to make such a modification.

The pictures below show the Dremel work I did. The red circles show the areas making contact. The green circle show what was relieved.
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