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BAR project on line

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I got an e-mail from Clayton at WTO about whether or not he could help me put a semi-auto BAR together 8O :D 8) from the Philadelphia Ord receiver and a parts kit. Now all I have to do is wait till he gets his CNC set up later this year.

Boy was today a good news day
RRVI out
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Aloha RR6:

BAR? Very Cool, Sir! Sixty got some pics of him playing with one and a couple of MG42's, IIRC...

Can't wait to see some action shots of you shooting it!!! Keep us posted!


Tom O.
I have to get all the peices then wait for Clayton to get the CNC machinery, I figured before I got the peices I'd do my homework , but rest assured I will find a way to post pics once I have it done. Might shoot it at Perry since theyre sanctioned for the service rifle matches, or so I've read anyway.
Aloha RR6:

If that don't spin some heads, I don't know what will!!! Good Luck!!! Wish you the best on the BAR!


Tom O.
the original "rattle battle" (not sure of the actual name) match was designed around having one man with the BAR.
Aloha Fubar:

Is that Match still run? Are there that many BAR's still running around? Is the "Rattle Battle" a group shoot? How does it work? Any limit on ammo? Targets?

Sounds like a blast! Did you ever get to shoot in them?


Tom O.
no i haven't shot them. but a couple of the older guys at the club were talking about how it was done back then. from the sound of it M16 type rifles dominate this event.
rattle battle match

Hello all I have shot in both the AR rat bat match and a M1 graund match
and it is a lot of fun 6-man team with two swing shooters it is kick ass with two coaches and bras pickers behind you also target pullers if you ever get a chance to do it then by all means do it.it is a kick ass time. MRPA
RRVI, how involved is this conversion of the BAR to semi. Thanks, Mike

I'm still doing the homework on it. The receiver from the supplier is an 80% receiver thet needs final finishing as well as some machine work. The parts kits are for a standard BAR, I've been thinking of a few ways it could be done, mostly from looking at and reading about the semi-auto only 1919A4/A6, but this is still in the planning phase. I have a set of plans for the receiver but havent bought the receiver or the parts kits as of yet.

RRVI, in my observation, the parts kits are drying up. Might not be a bad idea to get one on hand if you are planning this. I am debating putting one away now...Mike
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