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I assume your talking about mounting this combo on an M1a/M14???

It depends on the ring height, mount type, and the scope geometry as well as the rifle geometry.

I have badger rings mounted on my M1a EBR using a SAGE chassis and SAGE quick connect scope mount. I try to mount the scope as low as possible without interference. I do not use the open sights. If I have to I can remove the scope and mount and rings with the quick disconnect levers on the SAGE scope mount. Obviously if you want to use the sights as well as the scope then you have to do some experimentation:

One way is to have somebody hold the scope over the rifle where you want to mount it and make sure there is enough clearance to use the open sights. Then go to various ring supplier websites to find the ring that is closest to your need. This is what I did when I mounted a Hensoldt 4-16 x56mm scope with 34mm tube. It was only going to be badger rings for me. They are one of the best if not the best rings.

It is really a complicated subject.
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