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i finally got a chance to shoot the M1A i bought from Jon Wolfe.

i am in the process of using up the last of my GGG, which is great ammo but i've all but exhausted it.

a good friend of mine, turfman from Gunboards, was calling shots. i fired one round at a reduced size B-27 at 100 yards with open sights, and he advised i pack up the rifle and go home...because it's all downhill from here...it was a dead on bullseye.

i know, i know, its bs, or pics or it didn't happen, but it's always nice to put away any chance for buyers regret, on the first round! if you don't believe me you'll just have to go ask turfman, i don't carry a camera to the range.

i also wanted to use this opportunity to shamelessly plug for Jon Wolfe, obviously he must know a thing or two about putting together an M1A!

unfortunately it wasn't all bullseye shots that follow, but next time out when the wind dies down, and i'm familiar with a new trigger and stock feel, i see some more bulls in my future - thanks again Jon!
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