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HI Guys, its been awhile since I posted last. Your prayers are working!!!!! The little fellow continues to get stronger despite all that he is going thru. He has lost most of the tubes for breathing help, and is down to one for feeding. They got the swallow pipe hooked to the stomach, large intestine hooked up to his anus, and things are healing well. Unfortunatly the "valve" between his stomach and small intestine is not working right. He eats and throws up as the food can't go on thru. DR's think that there could be some nerve damage to the area, time will tell. They are hoping he can get rid of the colustomy bag down the road as things start to work properly. He has been in ICU for almost 6 months now, the kids are hoping he can come home by late June, maybe July. Please keep him in your prayers, he needs all the help he can get. Again, thanks for all the prayers/thoughts to date, they are helping!!!!johnny
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