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Folks: it is with great sadness I must report the death of Mr. Charlie Cutshaw, age 69. I met him 4 years ago at his house in my hometown of Florence, AL. Some of you have read his articles in NUMEROUS magazines to include Special Weapons for Military and Police, SWAT, etc. Charlie was well known to the firearms community: contributor to Jane's Defense Weekly, Jane's, testified both for and against the ATF-E in numerous cases, was a consultant to many well-known firearms manufacturers, etc. The day I visited him for 4 hours, I thought I knew alot about firearms. 4 hours later, I thought my head was going to explode after the discussion, him showing me numerous prototype AR15/M16 upper receivers, his over 300 piece gun collection with NUMEROUS 1 of a kind weapons in the USA, etc. Charlie will be SURELY missed.

Below are the details I received a few minutes ago from my friend back home about this God-aweful news:

Charlie Cutshaw passed away today (12 June 2011) due to a severe head injury he sustained at home due to a falling accident. I will forward the e-mails I have been sending so you can read. I am still in shock and very sad about this loss of a dear friend. Stay safe my brother - Hal

Hello all. This is Hal. Some of you know me and it is my unfortunate duty to inform all of you that Charlie suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of an accidental fall at home. He was air-lifted immediately to University of Huntsville Trauma center where as of this time he is completely void of cognitive functioning. The prognosis is very grave and neurosurgeons as of 0020 hours expect Charlie not to survive through the day. He is right now surrounded by family and friends and is suffering no pain. His loving wife Princess Di has been by his side since the accident so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Out of respect please withhold your direct communications until further notice. A flow test will be performed at 0800 hours and pending the results of this test Charlie will most likely be taken off of life support. This has been a very confusing and trying time and will do our very best to keep everyone informed as the situation unfolds. We all love him and I cannot say how heartbreaking this is for me to send. We are holding out for a miracle so please keep Charlie and Diane in your prayers. You can e-mail me at [email protected] or Jeremy Stafford at [email protected] Charlie was given the chances of 50/50 last night but even if he recovered was destined for permanent care at a nursing facility. As many of you know I think Charlie would be the first to say "Oh hell no!" and one last dig for Charlie, especially with obomacare on the horizon. Charlie has been a tremendous friend and inspiration to most all of us and many more that we'll never know. He will always be the Great American. I will leave this message with one thing that Charlie always told me and many of you, "Watch your 6"

First let me say that this has been a most trying time for all of us. Last night the swelling of Charlie's brain destroyed his pulmonary gland. As many of you know Charlie was outgoing and would do anything for you he could. He was the person you hear about that would give the shirt off his back. Charlie was also an organ donor which brings me to this update. The Charlie we all knew and loved is gone. What remains is the vessel that carried this wonderful person. As I write, Diane and the family are consulting with the organ donor center to prepare this process. Diane has said her last goodbyes and I believe at peace. She is a very strong and resilient woman as many of you know. Things I want to note when I write this at Charlie's desk are this. Charlie was a Christian who believed in God and prayer. As I look around his desk at the many things he has on them there was always one book that stayed here. The Holy Bible. He held Sunday worships in his house and received daily scripture lessons. On many occasions we would talk about religion and Charlie led his life in Christian virtues. Let there be no doubt in anyone's mind where Charlie is now. Other things I notice is the patriotism he felt to his core. Charlie was a Vietnam Veteran and there are two American flags, a Marine Corp flag and of course a little yellow flag with a snake on it. You saw that one when as you sat across the desk talking to him. On his wall behind him he proudly displayed his certificates he had obtained from various prestigious schools along of course with his military ribbons he received while serving in Vietnam. Charlie loved his family and friends. You can see this with the numerous pictures his children, grandchildren and friends everywhere around. And of course he was a loving husband that adored his wife. Diane's pictures surrounded him along with cards that were given to one another. I don't have to mention his expertise in the field due to the enormous library he has and on this note what a tremendous loss we have suffered by losing him. Charlie led a fulfilling and exciting life that most people strive to achieve. I don't have any arrangement details as of now but will be fourth coming as they are finalized. Please continue to hold calls right now. If any of you would like to contribute personal stories or anecdotes about Charlie please feel free to add to this e-mail and share with the daily funnies crew. We will all miss our friend. God bless - Hal
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