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after going thru several websites and comparing, it looks like $0.23-25 per round is the going rate for surplus 7.62...

thats including the shipping that is charged...

i can get 200 rounds of aussie in the can for $40 at the local shop (may be able to squeeze the cost down a bit if i buy higher quantity) i might just as well shop there...

am i missing out on some 'double secret probation' pricing somewhere?

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Not really, most of the best deals I come across are either in a corner of a gun store or at one of the local Gun Shows, two weekend ago, I picked a case of Australian for $160 (20 cents), 560 rounds of Radway Green for $ 100 (17.5 cents), plus 100 rounds of M118 going for $ 40 (40 cents). No shipping or taxes and I'm out the door..... Just keep on looking

Rules of Ammo:

1) You can never have too much ammo on hand. 1k rounds per battle rifle is a good minimum to start with (fubar).
2) Supplies of good surplus run out before you know it, and usually when you're running low on ammo, so buy plenty while its available.
3) When in doubt about how much ammo you should buy, refer to rule #1.
4) Ammo is meant to be shot, so shoot often.
5) Because of rule #4, ammo must be replenished often as well.
6) When replenishing supply of ammo, refer to rules #1 through #3.
7) You must buy at least twice as much ammo as you shoot (fubar).
8: Always store ammo in a cool dry place (TEA).
9) If you don't have room in your house to store ammo per rule #8, build a bunker or a cellar in your back yard for storing ammo (TEA).
10) Friends don't let friends buy Indian surplus ammo (TEA). Or Never buy surplus ammo from a country where you wouldn't drink the water (midrat).

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hey there 24th corp...

im not artillery but i was stationed down the road from fort sill ok for about 3 yrs (altus afb)

ive gotten some good shooting stuff in a green box (i think its cavim) for like 20 cents but i dont get enough of it at a time to get a super deal on it. like i said theres a local store with aussie in cans for $40+tax but i can probably get it out the door for that price, im in pretty good with the guys behind the counter (ive recommended them enough that in 4 years they have sold 9 or 10 guns at last count plus what IVE bought)...

the reason i brought it up was everyone always talks about getting a case or two of brand X for price Y. and when i look at the links they always have hefty shipping charges because of the weight or its just not the deal the seller tries to make it out to be...

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