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Attaching a folding stock

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Hello Group.

I have a question: Can one simply attach a folding stock to a Hungarian SA85 that has a fixed stock, or is there some modification required before hand. Where I live, there is no "preban" rules, so that is not a concern. I just want to know if this is an easy switch.

Thanks in advance,

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Rich ...

Just got off the phone with Mike from the Firingline who eats ... sleeps and breaths nothing but AKs ...

He stated that if you are installing a "side" folder to the right an E. german or Romanian will go on with no modifications at all but "may" need some "slight" fitting to the "stock only".

"Left" side folder will not go at all ...

Hope this helps ...

Depends on what type you are going to attach. An East German or Romanian side folding type (looks like a thick piece of wire with a loop on the end) should fit with little or no modification, just replaces the fixed stock.

The Russian AK74, Hungarian AMD63 and Chinese side folding types and the under folding type require major modifications, including replacing the rear trunion and drilling holes in the receiver shell.
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