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Asian M14 Magazines

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Has any of you all had any dealing Asian Mags I found them at Jeff's Shooter Supply Would like to now if they were about anything. 8O
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If you're talking about the grey parked, solid tab, unmarked mags, I have two. I took them both to the range and they worked very good. Only problem was that I could only squeeze 19 rnds in them. Maybe they need a break in? My new GI mag was also really tight but took all 20. Other than that, no problems at all. I'll buy 2 more from the next gun show that I find them for $20.
Mine did not have a USGI shaped spring in them, once I change it out they worked fine.
I got two of the grey parkerized mags with a rifle I bought, NOT FROM JEFF'S. To make them feed, I had to slightly bend the feed lips in like a USGI mag. They would only accept 19 rounds.

One feed all 19 but did hold the bolt open because the follower did a nose dive. The other jammed on the 17th round, it's follower also nose dived. When I got it, there was a dent on the front bottom of the mag, this might have helped cause the jam.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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